Pigeon Removal

Stressed about Pigeon Removal ?

Stressed about Pigeon Removal ?

Pigeon Removal Near Me

Pigeons are beautiful creatures who add to the aesthetic value in our surroundings but if they get out of control or increase in population in a certain area, they can cause plenty of trouble for humans making pigeon removal imminent. HHWildlife has years of experience and a team of experienced professionals who can handle pigeon removal. Our licensed teams will help you get rid of them without breaking any laws that protect them and clean and sanitize your property afterwards.

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Patrick is a consummate professional and does an excellent job. My situation was delicate and involved his handling the remains of a beloved pet who’d been killed by a predator. I am very grateful to him.

Angie L
West Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA

Patrick and Jason did a great job at securing my home from the Raccoon party that was being thrown nightly under my new house.

Eric S.
Los Angeles, CA

Pigeons can coexist with humans possibly anywhere and while most wild pigeons prefer seaside cliffs, other pigeons can be found near homes and buildings including balconies, chimneys and attics.
Pigeons are rather pretty birds with grey bodies and darker blue heads. Their neck and feathers have shades of blues, yellow and blacks in them as well. They weigh around 12 to 13 ounces and can grow till 11 cm long.
They can fly their way into your lawns, porches, yards and if holes are big enough end up getting caught in rooms, attics, roofs, chimneys and garages etc. They often settle with their entire flock which makes pigeon removal difficult to manage by one’s own self.
They essentially feed on insects but can eat any kind of food. Bird feeders, food for pets and garbage cans attract them.
The need for pigeon removal arises because they can create a mess with grass and sticks from their nest falling, feathers and droppings. It’s hard to manage since the entire flock stays together and creates mess ona large scale. Their droppings collectively can corrode buildings and kill vegetation. Accumulated droppings can spread diseases like histoplasmosis. In addition to that they can create noises which disrupt peace and above all can attract other animals which feed on them.
Pigeon control can be managed by closing and sealing any entry points, broken windows, holes etc in the building. Garbage cans should be tightly sealed.
Even though they are not protected by any laws, managing pigeon removal, through regular repellents and traps becomes ineffective because they are accustomed to being around humans which is why they are not easily scared.

We respond to the affected site within 2 hours of a query.
Pigeons are capable of creating a mess with droppings,which can not only spread diseases but destroy buildings and vegetation. They can also contaminate food.
Our trapping and removal processes abide by all state laws. All methods are humane and in compliance with animal rights. We know how to get rid of pigeons without killing them.
Our services start from $75 only.
Trapping a single pigeon does not necessarily solve the problem because they move around with a flock and stay together. Moreover, due to living in close proximity with humans they are not easily scared from traps or humans.
Our expert staff has experience of not only getting rid of pigeons but skunks as well. Call us now to book an appointment.
Yes we do offer proofing as an additional service which can help prevent pigeons coming again to your property for almost a year.



HHWildlife is a licensed animal removal company with experienced professionals known for humane animal removal in affordable rates. We ensure clean removal and install preventive measures to keep wild animals, critters and pests at bay

  • Clean and Mess Free Removal Services
  • No harmful chemicals used
  • Service available 7 days a week
  • All removal practices in compliance with state laws.
  • Humane practices prioritizing animal well-being
  • Repairs of any damaged property during animal removal.