Mole Removal

Moles Removal Services At Your Doorstep

Moles Removal Services At Your Doorstep

Moles Removal Near Me

Troubled with moles wreaking havoc in your lawns and property? We got you. Moles are very similar in appearance to rodents and cause similar kinds of trouble as well. If you’re looking for mole removal services then we can help you get rid of them in a clean and humane manner.

Moles Removal Experts

HHWildlife Removal has a team of licensed moles removal experts who will get your property rid of moles leaving behind a clean and properly disinfected and sanitized area.

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Patrick is a consummate professional and does an excellent job. My situation was delicate and involved his handling the remains of a beloved pet who’d been killed by a predator. I am very grateful to him.

Angie L
West Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA

Patrick and Jason did a great job at securing my home from the Raccoon party that was being thrown nightly under my new house.

Eric S.
Los Angeles, CA

Moles can be found in grasslands, woodlands, farmlands, suburban areas etc. They live in tunnels which they can dig with their claws creating heaps of dirt as they dig. These are also called mole hills.
Very similar to rodents in appearance, they are 5 to 8 inches long and are grey or brown in color. They have large front feet with claws which help in digging lawns and grounds in search of insects. No outer ears and long snouts.
Moles enter through lawns, gardens and yards and can also dig their way inside in search of areas for food and breeding. They spend the majority of their time in tunnels.
Moles, much like other animals, invade your homes in search of food but their food consists of smaller animals and insects which may be around your house or residing in your lawns and shrubs.
Their presence can actually be beneficial because they eat away other harmful insects but the tunneling and digging is what causes the main problem. They can damage lawns, gardens, pastures, pavements and even golf courses. They can bite when humans try to capture them.
The best way to handle and control moles is to keep proper fencing around the property to protect your lawns and yards.
Trapping and removing them is difficult since they remain hidden in their tunnels or burrows most of the time. They can also bite when they feel threatened so professional trapping and removal services are the best option to go with.

We respond to the affected site within 2 hours of a query.
Moles are capable of digging deep holes along your sidewalks, pavements and lawns in search of insects and small animals to eat.
Our trapping and removal processes abide by all state laws. All methods are humane and in compliance with animal rights. We know how to get rid of moles without killing them.
Our services start from $75 only.
Attics are one of the favorite spots for moles to hide in houses. Trying home remedies to get off moles often backfire and end up angering the animal causing more damage to your house. Let the moles catchers handle your moles problem.
Our expert staff has experience of not only getting rid of moles but skunks as well. Call us now to book an appointment.
Yes we do offer proofing as an additional service which can help prevent moles coming again to your property for almost a year.



HHWildlife is a licensed animal removal company with experienced professionals known for humane animal removal in affordable rates. We ensure clean removal and install preventive measures to keep wild animals, critters and pests at bay

  • Clean and Mess Free Removal Services
  • No harmful chemicals used
  • Service available 7 days a week
  • All removal practices in compliance with state laws.
  • Humane practices prioritizing animal well-being
  • Repairs of any damaged property during animal removal.

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