How will you know if a raccoon has entered your house?

Raccoons are definitely a nuisance that must instantly be targeted if it manages to enter your house. After all, they are known to be destructive and will remove any barriers that may block them from their sources of food or shelters. This may include electric wires, wooden barriers, and the likes. They can cause damage to structural integrity and design for houses.

Signs of a raccoon entering your house

First of all, you may notice that dog or cat food is disappearing. Raccoons are known to be attracted to exposed food sources no matter if it is dirty or clean. They are opportunistic omnivores and are capable of hunting for food in gardens and inside houses.

Another sign is the sound of scuttling feet in your attic which may be because of these pests taking refuge in the hidden parts of your house. Generally, you will be able to distinguish between rats by the thumping and walking sounds coming from your ceiling.  This must be addressed as soon as possible as they may start reproducing if left on their own. With a whole family of raccoons in your house, control may be harder. This is because when a parent raccoon is taken away from their nest, dead babies may follow afterwards. With them being small, the clean-up for this is much harder and difficult in comparison to having large ones.

Raccoons are also known to be vocal creatures. Because of this, you may sometimes hear their chattering through your walls.

A dead giveaway is being seeing their droppings in your attic. What makes their feces unique is the presence of a sour smell. Aside from being in your attic, they may also sometimes roam around your roof while spreading their droppings there.

How do you get rid of them?

1. Raccoon bait and traps

After seeing that raccoons have been coming into your house, you may now try to trap them. Metal traps are usually recommended for raccoons because of their durability and are known to be stronger than other traps. Raccoon are also smart and strong, which means that may be able to get out of those traps that are flimsy.

The use of traps is usually best left for professionals as amateur attempts to trap these pests using metal traps may result to further physical contact with the animal. This contact may cause their diseases and bacteria to be transferred.

2. Raccoon repellents

Raccoons are not fazed by most smells and odors as they are known to hunt through garbage without second thought just to look for food.

There are some, however, that can be found from inside your house. One of these is the peppermint oil. Other repellents include pepper and cloves.  The abundance of these in your kitchen makes it a simpler alternative to other repellents.

The use of predator urine is also done by some in order to scare the raccoons away from your yard. This is because these urines can be bought commercially and then applied to cotton balls that can diffuse the smell and cause the raccoons to be driven away.

Gadgets that use sonic-waves are also available for those who may want to experiment on them. They claim to repel animals because of the high-pitch it emits. This can be effective in its first days but does not last long as raccoons can easily adapt to the sound if they visit the place frequently. 


Raccoons are known to be one of the smartest pests. This is because they can remember the places where the food is stored. They can memorize passageways and small holes from which they can fit through. Although they may look nice, they can actually be aggressive in case it is necessary.  

With them being nocturnal creatures, you may only expect them to move around during the night. This makes it harder for humans to be able to catch a glimpse of them, often mistaking their movement to be that of a rat or a mice. A big giveaway is flimsy wood and wires that are ripped off instead of chewed on. This is because raccoons are larger and more capable of doing this compared to rodents.

Dog activity can also tell you if a raccoon is in your property. They are the ones to see them during the night. This is why human owners are usually bothered during the midnight because of barks that are targeted towards these pests.

How much is to remove raccoons?

The price for removing them will depend on your chosen method. If you will use metal traps, an estimate of $150 and above is recommended. This will depend upon the number of raccoons inside your house. The use of motion-activated sprinklers or light can also be expensive.

The best way to remove raccoons

Ultimately, if you don’t have experience trapping animals on your property, it will be better for you to call for removal services. They are experts in catching pests, repelling them, and making sure that they don’t come back to your property.

How to know if your house has been infested by rats

Rats are known to be one of the most prominent pests inside the house. They easily enter your house through tiny holes which they can fit through. Their flexible bodies allow them to look for weaknesses in the structure of your house.

They are generally attracted to homes that are unsanitary. This is why you should immediately address their presence in your house.

What attracts them?

Generally, rats are attracted to the first sign of food. In a house, this may be something as simple as exposed cat or dog food, fruit-bearing plants, and the likes. They will eat most of the things they find though, even the ones in the garbage. This is why there are found almost anywhere in both rural and urban areas.

Why do they enter your house?

They enter houses to look for food. They enter your house through the smallest of holes. They have extremely flexible backbones that can squeeze through the sides of a door, an exposed window, or a hole in the wall. This is why it is hard to keep them out of your house through barricading it alone.

                In the winter, they will also look for a place to stay in to avoid the harsh conditions outside. The warmth of your house along with the supply of food there makes it a good place for them to stay in. If rats manage to stay inside your house for a long time, smaller rats is guaranteed to also be present. Their rate of reproduction is very fast which is why they should immediately be exterminated as soon as possible.

How do they enter your house?

There are two types of rats, the Norway Rat and the Roof Rat. The roof rat is known for their black color and their skill in climbing. This is why they are named like this. They can climb walls, trees, and stairs with ease, making them usually inhabit your basement.  The roof rat will squeeze through tiniest in your house.

Roof rats are especially known to climb trees. They then enter through your window, making it easy for them to enter a room. This is why tree branches that reach out towards windows should be trimmed.

                What makes it this even worse is the fact that rats have pheromones which they can use to attract others rats. From this, you can have a swarm of rats following after one makes a trail for the others. Add this with the fact that rats multiply fast and you will see why rats easily infest an area. This is why you should immediately address the rodent pest problem in your house.

How do you know if they have entered your house?

There are many types of pests and nuisance wildlife which can be present in both rural and urban areas. However, rats are easy to distinguish among the rest because of them being portrayed in popular culture. They’re usually black or brown, they’re furry, they’re small, and they have long tails. This is why you should immediately recognize them upon seeing one.

However, they are known to be active especially during the night. This is for them to be able to avoid human interaction. They are known to be skittish animals because of how low they are in the food chain. Outside of your house, they have hundreds of potential prey. This side of them makes it harder for you to catch them. Even if you catch them scuttling around, it will still be hard for you to manually grab them as they are fast and small.

1. Bites on food and wood

Rats are known to be omnivores, meaning that they are not picky with their food. They can eat both meat and plants. This is why they are known to chew almost anything they see. This may range from cat or dog food, meat, dairy, up to wood, electric wires, and anything which can be nibbled on. For the former ones, they will do this for them to be sustained. For objects, though, they will usually only do this for the sake of removing obstructions. They will chew through anything that may be an obstruction for them.

The risk of rats being able to chew through your electric wires should be an instant reason for you to target them immediately. They can also chew through leather, wood, and even water pipes. The structural integrity of your house can be damaged in the presence of rats.

If you also leave dog or cat food inside your house, it may also be taken by rats. This is why you should constantly monitor the movements of your pets. Often, a cat will chase these rats if the latter touch their food. Dogs will also bark or try to chase the pests. What makes it a risk, though, is if the rat has rabies.

2. Rat droppings

The presence of rats inside your house will always come with their droppings. Their feces are distinguished by its resemblance to pellets. It is usually clumped together. They are usually present during the night as it is the time when the rats are awake.

Do not attempt touch the droppings of rats. This is because it contains a lot of bacteria and diseases which you can contract. If you want to clean it, you should equip yourself with gloves and a cleaning agent.

3. Their noises

This is another element that should be obvious at first hearing. The sounds of rats can be distinguished by its squeaky, almost sneeze-like sound. If you hear this sound within your house, you may already be sure that a rat is inside it.

Aside from this, you may also hear their skittering. This is especially heard if they are in your basement. They will usually move around in the night. Along with this, you may also hear the sound of biting and chewing.

The dangers of having rats in your house

 Rats carry a lot of danger in your house. First off is them being able to damage the integrity of your house as stated above. This is because they will chew anything that may block them from being able to move around or to get their food. This may include wood, electric wires, and even water pipes. If they move around in numbers, they may cause massive damage to your house.

Aside from this, they are also filled with diseases. They look for food even in the garbage, after all. Their fur may carry grease, mud, and soil with it. It is also filled with parasites and bacteria. Any food that they will manage to bite will also be filled with bacteria due to how dirty the food they eat are.

Rat urine are also known to carry leptospirosis which are especially prevalent in areas that are commonly flooded. Their urine may mix with flood water and penetrate the human skin through punctures and open wounds. Getting the disease will usually result to a critical situation that will require immediate medical attention. Humans can also get rat bite fever after being bitten by one. This will cause inflammation of the skin, vomiting, and other symptoms. This is why rats should immediately be targeted

How to get rid of them

Rats traps are available in the market. Among them, the best are snap traps. This is because they are practical, easy to set up, and very effective too. Other traps for rats include electric traps and sticky traps. Electric traps can be more expensive while sticky traps may not be effective.

Rat poisons are also available, however, they are not recommended. This is because they do their job slowly. Rats will generally look for a hidden place if they are weakened which may even be worse for humans. If they die within small spaces, their bodies will be harder to throw. The smell of dead rats are especially putrid and having them die within spaces that are hard to reach will make humans suffer from its smell for a longer time.

You may also try to put rodent repellents like peppermint oil and predator urine.

Wildlife control and pest extermination services

In the end, the best way to handle rat infestation is to call for wildlife control and pest extermination services. This is because they are equipped with both knowledge and equipment to get rid of the rats. This will also help you avoid direct contact with the pests.

Getting rid of raccoons without killing them

Raccoons are especially tough to deal with because of their tendency to destroy everything that my hinder them from getting food. This may include weak walls, plants, and even furniture. They may cause disarray in your house or property.

Aside from this, they are also known to build nesting places in houses where they can find abundant food sources that are readily available for them. This may cause headaches in the future as exterminating parent raccoons while leaving baby raccoons will use result to dead ones in the tiny spaces of your house, costing you more for cleaning.

How do you get rid of them?

  • Raccoon baits

Examples of baits that you can use for traps include dog food, bacon, and sardines (basically anything they can smell from a distance).

Metal traps that are laid at the bottom of the trees are usually effective. They can also be placed somewhere the raccoons are usually found hunting (like near pet food).

Raccoon traps are a good solution, however, with some limitations. Raccoons may also injure themselves in the process of trying to escape from the traps.

Be sure to check the laws in your state about trapping first before attempting to do so. In the end, the best people to do the trapping is wildlife removal services.

  • Raccoon repellents

Even though they are present in the most unsanitary places, some natural ingredients still repel these pests. After exterminating them from your garden, you should start putting some repellents to make sure that they don’t return. Aside from the most basic tip of making sure that your house is clean and to cover all entry points for raccoons inside your house, you should also put some natural repellents inside your house or garden.

For starters, peppermint oil is very effective against raccoons. The smell of it naturally repels them as for some reason, they really hate the smell of it. Other repellents include pepper and cloves. 

Another natural repellent is using the urine of natural predators. Analyze the food chain and you will see that raccoons are not at the top. This means that a lot of predators naturally hunt for them, and using predator’s urine might be to your advantage. Other predator urines can also be bought online, some of which include coyote urine and wolf urine. They can be applied using cotton balls as they hold the scent much longer than spraying on the ground.

Some companies may also offer gadgets that emit high-pitched sounds that can only be heard by pests. These are usually installed on walls from where the pests will hear them. They may be effective at first try but usually lose their efficacy after the raccoons learn there is nothing to fear. For this reason, it is usually not recommended for keeping them away.

  • Raccoon exclusion

Exclusion for raccoons is the process of creating structural changes in your house in order to prevent raccoons from returning. An example of this is using a one-way door that will allow raccoons to leave the house but will prevent them from coming back in. This will ensure that raccoons will not build nests around your house (which might make their population grow a lot more).

Another is the use of barriers and repairs for the entry points of the raccoons inside your house. After all, they do not only visit using widely-opened main doors. They also access the inside of your house through holes and opened vents. By fixing any structural weakness from which they can enter, you can prevent their entrance to your home.

4. Using a motion-activated light

The use of motion-activated light is the most effortless out of all of these solutions. This is because you will only be required to install the gadget and reap immediate results after. The sudden appearance of light is particularly effective for raccoons as they are known to be nocturnal animals that feel more at ease during the night.

Another type of this is the motion-activated sprinkler that will instantly release water to scare the raccoon away. This is even more effective than the light because it adds a physical component.

Both of these, however, can be ineffective for some raccoons who will learn their way around them. Raccoons are smart, after all, and may easily adjust to the small environmental touches that you may add.


Raccoons are one of the smartest pests around. This is because they easily navigate through spaces. They can also remember certain passageways and smells in order to hunt for food better. This is why they can always come back to places where you usually exposed food (like kitchens and pet rooms).

Raccoons hunt for food during the night which makes it harder for humans to catch them by hand. This is because they are nocturnal. This fact also makes it harder for them to be distinguished as their actions can also be mistaken for a rat’s or a mice’s.

Their presence may be a big nuisance for household pets that might still be awake during the night. Dogs can be heard barking in their presence as they slowly creep through lawns and gardens. This may be a huge headache for humans that are be awakened by the sound of their pets in the middle of the night.

How much is to remove raccoons?

The removal of raccoons without killing is best done through exclusion and property fixing. Because of this, it might be a little bit pricier than by using traps and poisons (the latter not recommended). However, these solutions may also help you in the long run as they can also get rid of other pests that are known to enter households such as rats and mice that may also cause damage.

The best way to remove raccoons

In the end, trapping services are best for solving raccoon infestation. They are equipped with tools that are designed for most pests. This can also save you the hassle from trying to get rid of raccoons without any prior experience of doing so.


They are best distinguished by the masks in their faces. They are known to have black fur below their eyes. Their snouts can also be compared to canines, mostly the fox. Their tails are notable for being ringed. They are often colored brown to gray.

Their teeth are also sharp. They mostly use this for biting for food instead of attacking other creatures. They also have long whiskers. Their hands are particularly adept for scavenging through items, which may explain their behavior of going through garbage.

How to Get Rid of Birds – A detailed guide

Birds are a pretty sight when seen in the air, but they are definitely a pest when they perch upon your rooftop and windows and destroy the integrity of your building because of their droppings. In rural areas, they are mostly found on mills, storage houses, and farms. In cities, they are found on bridges, parks, and on top of buildings.

Not to mention, they usually come in flocks that will try to steal any openly-exposed food that they may see. Even worse, they may even start to settle atop or near your building, building their nests out of scraps that they see near it. All of these factors, along with the unsightly view of their droppings contribute to them being pests.

Named by some as “rats with wings”, they are notorious for stealing food and eating garbage much like their land counterparts. They are attracted to food that are readily available, with them swooping easily and escaping when disturbed. Aside from this, they are also notorious for causing damage to structural integrity due to the destructive nature of their droppings. They are considered pests both in rural and urban areas.

Bird habitats

Birds have adapted well to the urban setting. This is why big cities can still be infested with them, even with the scarcity of trees and a thriving ecosystem. Instead of canopies from which they will lay their nest on, they now instead choose to live on top of buildings and structures, often becoming pests for the owners of the places.

Because of their new natural habitat, they have also adapted well to the presence of humans. They have, in fact, been able to be comfortable to be with humans. Most rural born ones will still be shy during human interaction, which is the opposite for urban ones. They have been accustomed to seeing humans as sources of food, which makes them unafraid to flock close to them.

Also, because of their prevalence in almost every part of an urban area, they tend to leave their droppings anywhere, which is both a big eyesore and a major inconvenience. Aside from this, their droppings are also filled with diseases if it comes in contact with humans.

Bird-related diseases

As mentioned above, their droppings can be a source of diseases for humans. Aside from this, even touching them may do the same.

The most common and dangerous out of all possible diseases is the avian flu, which as its name suggests, comes from birds. Aside from this, diseases like histoplasmosis (a respiratory disease), cryptococcosis (a disease that affects the central nervous system), and salmonella (bacteria that may travel through bird droppings).

Aside from this, wild birds also carry lice, mites, and ticks.

Common types of birds

Some of the most common types of birds includes pigeons and ducks that come in different breeds.

1. Pigeons

Pigeons are any birds that are included in the family Columbidae. There are about 310 species, which means that the common ones that people see congested in cities actually vary from each other. In rural areas, they are mostly found on mills, storage houses, and farms. In cities, they are found on bridges, parks, and on top of buildings.

Considered both as a good and a bad trait, pigeons have a remarkable memory. This enables them to be able to remember their owners, the place where they were freed from, and their sources of food. This is a good trait that was used during both World Wars to send messages and even in medieval times. This is a bad trait, however, in the modern day when their memories are used to remember homes which have available sources of food.

Pigeons are known to eat seeds, pellets, fruits, and vegetables. In urban areas, they are known to eat bread crumbs and basically any human food which they can get. If you have food sources available outside of your house, it is a good idea to cover them as to prevent these winged pests from coming in to eat them.

Types of pigeons:

2.Rock pigeons

This is the most common type of pigeon. These pigeons are characterized by their grey color. They are found in both rural and urban areas, often looking for food in both open areas and on top of buildings and structures. They are feral, which means that they should be left wild and untamed, except if you happen to a youngling orphaned or one that is injured.

3.Roller pigeons

Roller pigeons are characterized by their ability to roll or tumble while mid-air. They are produced by selective breeding. They are also the breed which are used for National Competitions, where they are judged based on speed and quality of rolls.

However extraordinary this may seem, it is actually found inhumane by some animal organizations. This is because roller pigeons are selectively bred, which means that humans are responsible for this behaviour. It is said that this practice was made only for the sake of human entertainment. In the process, the pigeons can injure themselves if they happen to fail the execution of a proper air roll. “Parlor rollers” are also bred by some, which are pigeons unable to fly and are only left to somersault in the ground, which may cause injuries.

3.Fantail pigeons

Fantail pigeons, as their names imply, are pigeons that are characterized by their fan-like tails. A mutation can also make their fan-tails a lace effect. The type of birds which exhibit this is called silky fantails. They are mostly kept as pets and ornaments.

4.Tumbler pigeons

Tumbler pigeons are differentiated in the same way that roller pigeons are which is by their ability to tumble in the air. Their difference with each other, though, is that this breed can somersault with a more controlled posture and grace.

5.Nicobar pigeons

This type of pigeons are known to be ancestors of the now-extinct Dodo bird. They are characterized by their small heads, their small necks, and their beautiful green to gray colors. Their feathers have more volume compared to other pigeons. They are mostly found in the islands of rain forests, which includes the Solomons and Palau.

6.Jacobin pigeons

These type of pigeons is another one that is known for its standout features. They can be differentiated by their feathered hoods, which gives them a majestic look. They are made through selective breeding, and owning them can come at a high cost.

7.Wood pigeons

Wood pigeons are common pigeons that can be seen alongside the rock pigeons. They are known to travel in flocks. In urban areas, they are mostly found in parks and gardens.

8.Band-tailed pigeons

These pigeons are known to be one of the largest of its type. They are also known for their mellow and low coo, which can be compared to an owl’s. They mostly reside within woodlands, which means that they only sometimes visit urban areas.

9.King birds

These type of birds are known for their proud postures and their heavy stock. Their name might be regal, but their true purpose is far from it. They are called as “utility birds”, which means that they were selectively-bred for a purpose. King birds are known to be good for squab production, meaning that they are mostly bred to be used as food later on. They are bred from four varieties, which includes the Runt (known for its large body), the Duchess (known for its grace), the Homer (known for its particular alertness), and the Maltese (known for its style).

2. Muscovy ducks

These ducks are a big problem in rural areas but are rarely seen in urban ones. They are generally unafraid of human interaction. They are pests because of their tendency to freely leave their droppings in an area. They are also known to damage the edges of lakes and ponds. When left on their own, they are usually not much of a nuisance. However, some still consider them as pests.

3. Geese

They are a nuisance because of their tendency to move in large flocks, often becoming a blockage for movement in urban areas. Aside from this, they also have the tendency to become aggressive if you happen to be near their nests. And like other birds, they also leave behind droppings everywhere.

4. Woodpeckers

These birds are not unique to forests as they also target wooden homes with good acoustics in search for food. They are especially attracted to houses that have insects inside. Aside from looking for food, they may also peck wood to let their presence be known to other birds. This is their way of claiming territory. Though it is natural to them, it may distract humans inside homes. Aside from this, their activities may also cause holes to be spread around the walls.

5. Sparrows

Just like with other birds, they also frequent areas that have openly-exposed food. However, what sets them apart is their habit of turning buildings into their homes. It is almost guaranteed that a sparrow will build a nest on structures that they always visit. Though they are not as much of an aggressive nuisance as other birds, their droppings and the trash that may come from them living on buildings may cause bacteria build-up in ventilation systems.

How do you get rid of birds?

Bird traps

Because birds can be nuisances when left to feast on the food outside of your home or in your garbage, it might be an option for some to trap them.

Remember, lethal traps for birds are illegal for some states, so make to read your local laws about wildlife conservation and allowed animal killings.

Even if it is legal in your state, it might be a better idea to simply set up devices that will only trap the pigeons instead of killing them for humane reasons.

Metal traps are the most recommended for birds.

To be able to trap the birds using metal traps, you will first need to gain their trust. If your area is frequented by these birds, you should start by setting up their food, may it be corn or grains, in the spot where you want to catch them. After doing this consecutively for about three days, you may then set up the metal trap, which can be bought online or in some shops.

Put the same type of food inside the trap and watch as flocks of these birds enter the trap. Some traps can even trap about thirty of them before shutting close.

After trapping the birds, the next possible action is to take them somewhere far and then release them. The problem, however, is that pigeons are known for having sharp memories, which can make them come back. This is when the need for pigeon repellents and fences will be needed.

Pigeon repellent

Birds are known to be repelled by the smell of garlic oil. This can simply be applied to the places where the birds often land to eat food. This is good for the earlier parts, but the problem lies with the fact that oil easily wears away. The smell of garlic may also repel insects which are beneficial for your garden.

Avian liquid repellents are also available online, which may be the solution for you. Some claim to be effective just by being spread around areas where birds frequently flock together.

Pigeon deterrents

The most popular and the easiest to set up among birds deterrents are birds spikes. These metal spikes only needs to be installed in the outer corners of a building, which is where pigeons usually land. By putting these spikes, they will be discouraged to return to your area and may look for other places for food.

Another option is to use bird decoys that make noises or have flashing eyes just to scare the birds. With the same idea as having a scarecrow, these electrically-operated decoys can scare the birds away. Some of the birds usually replicated for this effect includes owls and hawks, which are known to be predators for pigeons.

Pigeon poison

For some states, it may be legal to kill these birds, which may be why poison are sold by some. However, it is generally not recommended to use poison for any type of pests as most of them are prey to large predators. When they eat poisoned food, they will not instantly die, meaning that predators can come and eat them faster. When the latter eats the pigeons out of natural instinct, they too will die. This will damage ecological balances and the order of the food chain.

In the end, it is better to use repellents and deterrents to keep these birds away. Birds traps still gives the possibility of the pigeons returning while pigeon poison can hurt the environment and other animals.

Pigeon removal services

If you don’t think that you are skilled enough as to keep birds away, it may be better for you to call for extermination services. They will exterminate birds, make sure they stay away, and set up traps that may be used against these pests. Look for nearby exterminators online and immediately call if pigeons remain as pests in your house and property.


  • How do you keep birds away?

To keep pigeons away, bird traps, repellents, and deterrents may be effective. Bird traps, which are mostly sold as metal traps, may be effective to keep an entire flock of them and to set them free from a place far away from your home. Bird repellents like onion oil and avian repellent liquids can be used to be spread in the area where the birds frequent to keep them out. Bird deterrents like metal spikes, predator decoys, and the likes are also effective for keeping the birds away from your house.

  • How do you get rid of birds in your roof?

Birds are known to damage a building’s integrity due to the corrosive nature of their droppings, which may be a reason for you to get rid of them.

Birds on roofs can be prevented by installing spikes and putting deterrents. As mentioned earlier, metallic spikes keep birds away from roofs as they can prevent the birds from resting on top of it. Deterrents like predator decoys and garlic oil can also be used to keep them out of your roof.

  • How do you get rid of birds in barns?

Dealing with birds inside barns can be harder. This is because barns are an excellent spot for birds to hide. Because of the high places located within and their ability to instantly know hiding places inside it, birds can easily hide inside if they manage to slip through. After all, barns are a good area for exposed food, free space, and lots of material for making nests.

To keep these pests away from your barn, you must make sure that their points of entry are all blocked out. If there are holes in the walls that are necessary for ventilation, you may try covering this with wired meshes that no bird can penetrate.

In some cases when birds are unavoidable because their point of entry also serves as yours, calling for extermination services may be best for you.

  • How do you get rid of birds on the roof?

Birds are usually attracted to roofs because of the small spaces in it that can serve as a space for it to lay its nest. Roofs are also easy to reach for them and is away from human activity. This can be a huge nuisance because of the possibility of having diseases to be spread through their droppings. This may be dried, crushed, and then spread into the air, with the danger of being inhaled by humans when they enter ventilation systems. Aside from this, their droppings are also corrosive, causing roofs to become weaker as time passes. Because of this, birds that inhabit your roof must be immediately taken care of.

A good solution is to install bird spikes on top of your roof which usually does the job to make birds go away. They are not meant to kill them, rather, only to prevent them from perching atop your roof. To remove all possible sources of food for them too may be help get rid of them. If none of these work, calling for animal extermination services should be the next thing to do.

  • How do you get rid of birds on the attic?

The most common type that will most likely stay inside people’s attics is the pigeon. Pigeons enter houses through broken windows and ventilation systems. They occasionally leave to hunt for food, but will always return as long as their point of access is still available. Their presence in your attic can be noticeable by their sound, their droppings, and the abundance of trash they leave behind.

It is not a good idea to scare one away as you may just have a wild pigeon thrashing around your attic that may still stay after. Aside from this, you may also be in contact with it, causing diseases for you. The best thing to do in such a case is to call for wildlife extraction services. They are best equipped with knowledge in how to eradicate and prevent the return of these pests, along with ones.

How to Remove Dead Animals from Your House

Come spring and summer time, many homeowners will notice a stench coming from either their crawl space, walls or attic. It is a smell that is hard to locate its exact location. It is a foul stench that radiates of carbon dioxide and rot, the smell of dead animal rotting somewhere in the confines of your home. Although not a lot of homeowners would experience it more than once, it is a nuisance to deal with. Doing it yourself would be the last thing you want to do, as dead animals also mean germs, bacteria and parasites that were being carried by the live animal at some point, is now in search of a new host. Dead animal removal is a sought out service in locations such as Pasadena, Glendale, Santa Clarita, Valencia, Stevenson Ranch, , Sherman Oaks, Simi Valley, Santa Monica, Northridge, Pacific Palisades, Van Nuys, Encino, Topanga, Tarzana, Woodland Hills, Canoga Park, Burbank, Porter Ranch and areas located in the San Fernando Valley.

The good thing is that there are dead animal removal services in Los Angeles, specifically the San Fernando Valley, which includes Van Nuys, Sherman Oaks, and then West Hollywood, Santa Monica, West Lake, all the way to Santa Clarita, Stevenson

Ranch and Newhall and Saugus. There are many more locations that dead animal removal professionals service. Dead animal removal services are provided mainly by wildlife removal professionals who are licensed and experienced in such situations. These wildlife removal professionals are licensed, trained and experienced in the field of dead animal removal. Animal removal and dead animal removal are different from each other. Animal removal is for live animals that are nesting in your home and dead animal removal is for dead animal carcass removal.

During the Spring and summer times, animals will nest anywhere that is a small, dark, enclosed space where they can keep their babies safe from predators. These spaces would most likely be attics, crawl spaces, piping, vents, and any space that small critters would fit. This is also how you end up with dead animals in your home. These animals may have babies during the spring or summer time, and some babies do not make it to adulthood an become dead animals that will smell especially in high temperatures. The heat can also be a reason, or lack of food or if the animals get trapped within their dens and cannot make it out like skunks, opossums or raccoons. Dead animal removal services in Los Angeles, Hollywood, Santa Clarita, Santa Monica, and the surrounding areas are especially helpful. They are able to go to homeowners who are in need and locate the area of the dead animal for removal.

As a homeowner, you would opt to do a dead animal removal yourself. Animal removal sounds simple enough that any person can do it. Simply grab the dead animal dispose of it sanitarily. As simple as it is, there are a lot of factors to consider before handling a task such as this yourself. Smell is a common distinguishing factor that will alert you to a dead animal being somewhere in your home. Smell is also a tricky thing to follow because you may not be able to determine the exact location of the dead animal. Wildlife professionals are experienced in locating where a carcass is because they have seen how smell can trick you to believing it is in the vents of your home when it can be in one of your walls.

Another factor to consider before removing a dead animal by yourself is safety attire. You do not ever want to handle a dead animal with your bare hands. Wild animals in general are dangerous to be held with your bare hands not only because they may bite but because of the possible diseases and parasites that they carry. Although these animals are immune and hardly affected by the viruses and parasites they carry, it can be harmful to humans. So, when you encounter a dead animal, its body is decomposing and the viruses, parasites, germs are looking to find a different host that they can thrive off. You always want to be fully gloved up, with goggles and a hazmat suit in the instance that any liquid from the decomposing animal splashes or gets on you. Aside from determining where the location of the dead animal is, and protecting yourself, you need to remove it from its location. Dead animals can be under crawl spaces, they can be in ducting, in garages, attic spaces, vents, piping and anywhere you can possibly imagine. You would have to crawl under your home, or detach your piping or make a hole in your wall, and unless you are experienced in it, you would end up spending more than if you had hired a wildlife removal professional to do it. Do not forget you would also have to sanitize the place and make sure that it has been decontaminated.

Animal removal in Pasadena, Los Angeles, Santa Clarita, Porter Ranch and the likes all cost roughly the same. They begin at $150 and can go higher from there. Even though the cost is high, you do get professional grade service and you can be less worried about being physically affected by the remains of a dead animal. Aside from the clean-up, dead animal removal services can include preventative measures for homeowners. This is determining how the dead animal ended up in your home to begin with. This would be a good service to acquire because you will be assured no other animal finds their way into your home. Preventative measures include sealing up of crawl spaces, attics and vents that are not screened. Garages that are open or have spaces that can easily be dug through, will be dealt with. This will prevent animals from having babies in your shed, guest house, crawl space, garage, attic—you name it.

You can opt to do it yourself if you find a dead rat in your front or back yard. Everything is possible, but to do it precisely and efficiently, you would be better off paying dead animal removal services in your area to do this for you. Dead animals that you may often find would be rats, mice, dead raccoons and skunks. Skunks are the worse smelling dead animal removals you can find. They have glands that release a pungent odor when they feel threatened, when their carcass decomposes these glands release the foul odor adding to the already awful smell. You never want to get a dead skunk in your home. The smell will take a few days to be removed to a few weeks. Dead animal stenches are stronger during the spring and summer months. After a dead animal is removed, the smell may linger a bit. Do not be too concerned that there is still a faint smell that lingers. It will linger on for a bit. Overall dead animal removal is highly sought by homeowners because it is not something you can just ignore. The best solution is to make sure no animals will find recluse in your home so you will not end up with a wildlife problem.

How to avoid rodent infestation?

Do you hear noises in your ceiling during the evening? Do you hear little clawing or scurrying through the walls, in your ceiling or on your roof through the gutters at night? You may have a rodent infestation. Many homeowners do not know that they have a rodent problem until they see a rat roaming around their house or outside in their backyard. Rodents come out during the evening in search of left-over food. The best way to tell if you have a rat problem is if you spot rat droppings. These look like small black droppings the shape of a grain of rice but larger. These are some of the signs that you may have rats or mice nesting in your home. They may have either found a way through your pipes or through holes leading up to your attic space. They also sometimes nest in crawl spaces, entering through crevices or holes that they can squeeze through.

What are the Signs you have a Rodent Infestation?

Hearing noises in your ceiling, scurrying in the walls, clawing is a tell-tale sign that there are rodents roaming around in your house. The second thing would be feces, or droppings. You can find these in corners, crevices or outside of your home, and if you do you can be assured that there are rats lurking around. To further prove that you have a rodent problem, you can look and see if there are scraps of food being eaten, food containers being gnawed and if you are finding clothes, furniture getting chewed or have holes in them. The most extensive way is to look up in your attic, see if there is a rodent nest because most likely they would have set shop in your home in your attic.

If you have all these signs, what should you do? It would be best to call rodent removal services near you. Rodent removal experts will be able to determine the problem immediately and help eradicate it.

Getting professional help is the best thing to do, because they will be able to do an inspection of your home to get rid of the problem once and for all.

Why are Rats bad to have in your Home?

Surely having wild animals in your home means that you are closer to nature. This is not the case when it comes to rats, mice or in general, rodents. They are disease carrying animals that are more a nuisance than they are helpful. These creatures are prey too to other wild animals such as snakes and birds. Rats are one animal you do not want to have in your home. Rats are known to be a petri dish of diseases and carry more than 60 diseases including Leptospirosis, typhus and the now reemerging virus, the Hantavirus.

Rats can transfer all these viruses through their bite. They are known to bite babies and can transfer a disease called “rat-bite” fever to children and adults. Their urine and feces carry viruses as well, and they are overall unsanitary to have around the house. If these are not reason enough, rats will find their way back into your home through sewage lines if you try and flush them down. They are sturdy creatures and can give birth to a lot of babies. Overtime, if a rat infestation is left untreated you will end up with an overflow of rats in your home.

How to Get rid of Rats?

So, you have finally come to terms that you have a rat problem. The best thing to do is get hold of a wildlife removal professional immediately. Rodent removal services are extremely essential, and it is best to get them because they know how to get rid of rats and to prevent them from coming back. Rodent exterminators will do a whole house inspection. They will determine where the rats are coming in through. Rats will often squeeze through the smallest of holes to get into spaces. It can be from any height and it can be in any crevice and this is why it is so hard to get rid of rats.

Rats will also make a mess of a nest. Rodent removal experts will clean up the space they made a nest in. You can do this yourself, but you have to be careful. Wearing the proper attire and protective gear is essential. Rodent can bite and you do not want them biting you for disrupting their nest. Rodent exterminators will also clean up the feces, urine and mess that was left by the rats. These have to be handled properly. Rodent’s feces and urine are harmful even when inhaled because of the viruses they carry, and rodent exterminators are sure to properly handle these hazardous wastes without it getting on anything else in your home and having it contaminate your food or air. Aside from cleaning up the space, such as your attic, crawl space or garage, they will make sure to disinfect it. Disinfecting is essential because you want to be sure that the bacteria and viruses that have been building up in either your garage, crawl space, ventilation system, piping and even attic space is being cleaned. Rodent exterminators offer rodent removal services at an affordable price that includes preventative measures, removal of rodents, cleaning, and disinfecting. The best ways to do it when you have an over the top rodent infestation is to do a fogging to disinfect even the air. Think of fogging as a huge spray can with disinfectant.

Wildlife removal professionals will make sure to seal up any and all openings that rats may use to make their way back into your home. Avoid a rodent infestation by making sure that your home is rodent proof—piping and vents are not open, crawl space vents—entry and exit ways are sealed, food is not left out in the open attracting these pests, and that you are sure to get a crawl space clean out or an attic clean out done at least once a year. Rodent control is in your hands, always get a wildlife removal professional near you because they are experienced and are experts in the field and can do it the proper way. They can also come back to check once a while to make sure that rodents have not found any other way of entering your home. Rodents are smart and they are filthy, as cute as some of them are, they are not healthy to have in your home.

How do I Snake-Proof my Yard

Snakes are rampant reptiles that you may find especially if you live in Southern California. Snakes are creatures that like being by themselves. They will not disturb you if left alone. There are different types of snakes. Most snakes that may lurk in your garden or yard may be harmless but then there are the venomous kinds. Snakes come out during the Spring and Summer seasons. This is the time that they begin to nest and lay eggs. Eggs usually hatch late spring well into the beginning of Summer. Snakes will leave their eggs in a den or space that they find. These eggs will hatch on their own and the younglings will find their way.

During these times, snake removal is also rampant. Many homeowners will come home to find a snake out in your backyard. Snakes are cold-blooded animals, which means that when the temperature gets hotter, they tend to come out earlier. Snakes will hunt during the evening, since rats and other pests that serve as food are nocturnal. You will be able to find snake removal services near you and they will come out immediately to get rid of the snake. Remember to stay away from coiled snakes, as this is a striking position.

The common snakes that most homeowners find in their backyard are garter snakes and rattlesnakes. Garter snakes can be defined by the two yellow lines on their back. These lines are what give them the name, garter. Rattlesnakes however are venomous. Baby rattlesnakes are far more dangerous than the adult rattlesnakes as these will bite and release all their venom since they are young and do not know how to control their glands.

Rattlesnakes that are young are just a meter to a few meters long. You will almost always need a licensed wildlife removal professional to remove snakes from backyard. Wildlife removal professionals are experienced, and they can immediately determine what kind of snake you are dealing with. You do not want to be dealing with a venomous snake without the proper attire and without the knowledge in handling these finicky animals. Wildlife removal experts understand these creatures and will also do their best to not harm them.

Most of the time, when you call a snake exterminator, they will tell you to keep an eye on the snake while they get to your location. Snakes can easily camouflage, and this makes it harder to spot them. This is also a reason why a lot of people end up getting bitten by snakes because they easily blend into their surroundings. Snake exterminators near you can get to you quicker when you spot a snake. Snakes will crawl away when posed with a threat, but they will strike if you get within the striking range.

Snake exterminators near you in Los Angeles, or near the San Fernando valley serve a wide radius. They can cater to homeowners to remove snakes from backyard. Snake removal cost for a live snake removal can begin anywhere from $200 and more. This would be dependent on the type of snake, the location, and the difficulty in trapping the snake. Homeowners must understand that snake exterminators are at risk when they remove these reptiles and that they are experts in their field hence the high charge for these extractions.

Snake exterminators near you may cost a bit in a live snake removal, but at times you may discover that a snake in your backyard may have slithered off to a crevice. This may prove harder to extract or find. When this happens, snake traps can be set. Snake trapping is done by a snake exterminator by placing glue traps. These are not just laid out in open because these glue traps are sticky adhesives and when done incorrectly can stick to a number of things, including pets. You do not want snake glue traps on your pet as these are almost impossible to remove. The snake removal cost for snake trapping in Los Angeles is still a bit higher than most animal removal services. Snake trapping is done by determining the area in your home, front yard or backyard where the snake may be nesting. It usually is a small dark space where they would fit through.

Snake exterminators near you will be able to determine this by scouring your front or back yard. At times, it may even be in your crawl space. The glue traps are placed in an angle inside a properly placed space that will look like a small dark crevice for a snake to enter. This tricks the snake into believing it is entering another safe spot in your front yard or back yard. When they do this, they will get stuck on the glue trap. Although these traps are effective at times, a lot of exterminators do not suggest this as it is a more passive means of trapping a snake. It is also not a good thing to have in your yard if you have pets. The best thing is to get a snake exterminator out the moment you see a snake and keep an eye on it so you can show the exterminator where the snake is when they arrive.

Preventing snakes from entering your backyard and front yard is always the best suggestion. You do not want to have a nest of snakes in your crawl space or any dead animals that were meals of a snake. Snakes prevention is easy. First determine if you are in an area that would more likely be a home to snakes. If you live in the hills, near mountains or a desert landscape then you may find yourself more prone to seeing snakes. Homeowners in rural areas are less likely to find snakes lurking in their homes than people who are in rural areas where there is more vegetation and spaces to crawl into. If you live in a landscape that is more feasible to snakes being present, it is always best to have a wildlife removal professional build a snake fence around your home. Snake fences are not just ordinary fences. You can have a snake fence built around your fence. These are fences that are small enough to prevent snakes and other animals from entering but will blend in to your surroundings. These are best to have so if you have small children you can be assured that they will not be encountering any snakes if they place out by themselves in the yard. Snake exterminators near you can do this, the cost may be a little higher than a normal snake trapping or snake removal, but it is a foolproof way of keeping snakes out of your home. Snake exterminators can also seal up spaces around your home to prevent snakes from nesting. There are things such as snake repellents the wildlife removal professionals will be able to place down to prevent snakes from entering your home and nesting. As it gets hotter, be sure to be vigilant and if you do spot a snake, stay away, keep your distance and call your nearest snake exterminator in your area. They services areas such as Los Angeles, Pasadena, Glendale, San Fernando Valley and Santa Monica and places within the 20-mile radius.

Common types of Wildlife removal services for Homeowners

Homeowners are often finding themselves in the presence of wild animals during the Spring and Summer seasons. Homeowners in Southern California often times see raccoons, skunks and possums come out during these warmer seasons. This is also the reason why wildlife removal services are at its peak because of your friendly visitors. Wildlife removal professionals are animal removal experts. They are licensed and experienced in this field. If you do have a wildlife removal problem or you are not sure, get in touch with a wildlife removal company.

What are the types of Wildlife removal services?

Wildlife removal experts provide a variety of services. The main service would be animal removal. There are several kinds of animal removal services, namely: raccoon removal, snake removal, animal trapping, rodent removal, skunk removal, possum removal, dead animal removal and bird removal. These are just some of the animal removal services that you can call them for. Wildlife animal professionals do not do insects. This would fall under pest control, but there is a different license for bugs and insect removal. Wildlife removal experts also do crawl space clean outs and attic clean outs. They also provide preventative measures such as snake fences and coyote fences, bird spikes and animal deterrents.  These are just some of the services that are provided but there is a whole lot more that they can do to animal proof your home.

Types of Animal Removal Services

1. Snake Removal

Snake removal services are obviously for snakes that you may find in your home. They will come out and trap a snake if they cannot find it, or they will do a live removal of the snake from your home. The cost is dependent on the type of snake. Rattlesnakes would cost more because these are dangerous snakes, and venomous. A lot of people are bitten by snakes in the United States alone, because they often try and handle snakes on their own. Some snakes are not venomous like the garter snake and the gopher snake, but these snakes, nonetheless, bite. If you do come across a snake in your backyard or front yard, call a wildlife removal professional immediately and keep your eye on the snake until they arrive. Do not attempt to handle the snake by yourself because there are correct ways to handle snakes.

2. Raccoon Removal

Raccoon removal is another service that is provided by wildlife removal companies. Usually, raccoon removal including trapping because it is fairly hard to do a live raccoon removal, but it is possible even if the nursery of raccoons are there. Racoons can be trapped, and animal removal services can do this. Trap set up is done usually for racoons during the day when they are all in their den. Raccoons are nocturnal, hence they only come out during the night to look for food. Do not leave food around, because the raccoons will find a way to get it. They are highly intelligent creatures and known for their wit.

3. Bird Removal

Bird removal includes bats and mainly pigeons. These are nuisance birds that often leave poop everywhere and are messy. These birds are also nosy, which homeowners find as annoying. Bird removal is done by removing the nest and sealing up where these birds are building nests. Bird spikes are also set up so that they cannot land on where the bird spikes are. Pigeons and bats are known to carry bacteria and parasites, along with viruses.

4. Dead Animal Removal

Dead animal removal is a common service that is necessary a homeowner to call for a wildlife animal professional. Dead animal removal includes finding the dead animal, removing the dead animal carcass and cleaning the area. Aside from this, cleaning and disinfecting the area is also done. The wildlife removal companies will also make sure that preventative measures are done such as sealing up vents or determining who the animal found its way to a certain place—wall, vents, crawl space, or even attic, and make sure that it does not happen again. Disposal of the dead animal is also handled by them, as it has to follow certain ways, so it does not become a sanitation problem.

5. Attic and Crawl Space Clean Outs

Wildlife removal experts also do attic and crawl space clean outs. This is a service that each homeowner should get at least once a year. The crawl space usually holds the piping, insulation, plumbing and the ventilation system, which if there are wild animals nesting underneath would be problem for the homeowners. Crawl space clean outs are good because it will prevent flooding during the rainy seasons, remove any debris or build-up of dirt such as leaves and soil due to erosion, which makes a crawl space the perfect nesting place. Attic clean outs are also essential because a lot of wild animals, such as bats that carry diseases such as rabies, can find abode in. Homeowners should always have their garages cleaned out, sheds, crawl space and attics cleaned once a year to prevent wild animals from taking refuge in these spaces. This is is also a good way to check and see that everything is functioning well or if anything needs installing or repairs.

Overall, wildlife animal experts are licensed professionals who understand wild animal behaviors and are definitely the people to call when there is a wild animal roaming around in your back yard or front yard. You do not have to do it yourself, and it is not recommended that you do it yourself just to save on the cost of hiring a wildlife animal removal service. These animals are called wild animals for a reason. If they are handled improperly, they can injure you or your family and even pets. These wild animals also carry diseases, which they are immune to but are highly lethal at times to humans. Do not go getting rid of a snake even if you think it is not venomous. A snake bit still requires emergency care because the bite could become infected. Raccoons may look cute, but they vicious animals when they feel threatened. Skunks are cute as well, but they will spray you if mishandled. Wildlife removal experts are there because they understand the behavior of these animals and know how to handle them properly without hurting themselves and without hurting the animals. It is always advisable to have a wildlife removal expert help you with any animal problems you have on wildlife.

Should I Use Snake Traps or Call an Expert?

It is common to see people running in terror every time they see one of these reptiles. However, thanks to various resources and tools, it can be effortless. Although some are poisonous and you have to be very careful about bites. At this particular moment, when you encounter a venomous snake, the best decision is to call an expert. In most cases these animals can be more harmless than you think, so you shouldn’t panic if you find one in your home.

The Decision Depends On Your First Instinct

Have you ever had an encounter with snakes in your home or neighborhood and feel you are not safe? Most people have a phobia for snakes, which is reasonable since snakes are dangerous and their bites can cause harm. Hence, a human’s first instinct is to run as far as their legs can take them for safety. While for others, their reflexes and instincts tend to push them to kill the snakes depending on the size and length. For both categories, the application of preventive measures should be ensured.

You Should Examine How Brave You Are Before Trapping The Snake

You probably need to hire a wildlife removal expert, or exterminator or any other snake removal service instead of trapping snakes yourself. Most people put forward one selection over the other, but the two-options work hand in hand. For instance, a hired snake exterminator or wildlife removal company that offers snake removal services near you would likely also make use of a variety snake traps that are proven to remove snakes from homes, crawl spaces, backyards or any other place that is a potential danger to you and your family. Professional expertise is always the best suggestion. Snake trapping requires expertise where the exterminator sets a trap that help to either fend off these reptiles, trap them or lure them into a position in which they are caught.

Steps in Trapping Snakes

There are steps in snake trapping that should be followed. Exterminators have experience in the field of snake trapping and have a higher success rate of trapping these animals.  

  1. Firstly, reptiles are mostly known to be encountered during spring since most of the male species will be out in search of females. If you ever encounter snakes in your home, it is advisable not to try and remove it yourself, even if these are smaller snakes. Records show that most of the people who get bit by snakes, have handled the reptiles  without any protective gear, or got too close within striking range.
  2. Be knowledgeable that snakes, depending on length and specie have a certain striking range. A full grown rattlesnake that can reach up to 4 to 5 feet, depending on the type of rattlesnake it could grow longer. The striking range of a common Southern California rattlesnakes would be about 3 meters.
  3. Create some distance away from snake especially when you hear a rattlesnake’s rattle and monitor it from a distance that is not within the striking range. If you have pets, it’s best to keep inside because they may approach the snake.
  4. Understand that snakes do not like being around humans, it’s just that there are times where they find your home to have dark spaces where they can nest during the springtime. So if you do find them, or if you have spaces that are dark, do not put your arm in or crawl inside yourself. And if you do find a snake, make sure to take the necessary steps away from the snake and call a wildlife exterminator.
  5. The snake will most likely leave on its own, especially the less poisonous ones. If you do see a baby rattlesnake, be cautious as baby rattlesnakes are more harmful that adult rattlesnakes. Baby rattlesnakes cannot control how much venom they release when they bite, so they potentially release more venom in a bite than an adult rattlesnake would. If the snake doesn’t show any signs of exiting the premises or you don’t feel secure with allowing it to roam around and need to have it removed, call a pest control, wildlife removal company. You will need to hire or put a call through for a professional licensed exterminator or contact a company that deals or offers snake removal services near you. The experience they have snake removal and snake trapping is worth the price. You should know that snake removal cost on an average range between $150 to $300 or more. This would depend on the type snake and the level of difficulty for removal of the snake.

Snake Removal Costs

Snake removal cost at this price ranges according to location, difficulty in trapping the snake as well as the distance which the professional exterminator has to travel to reach your residence, and preventative measures that need to be done to keep the critters from returning to your home. Other factors that can determine or affect the price are the company which you hire, their experience with snake removal, the number of snakes present in your household as well as various other services which are rendered by professional wildlife removal companies.

Other Snake Removal Services

Most snake exterminators and companies that offer snake removal services also provide preventative measure or snake deterrents. This service is to make the environment free from snakes by using repellants and other items of the sort. This modification attracts an extra fee by the exterminator or company. Still, if you can afford it, it will be very beneficial and worth it in keeping your home and environment safe from snakes because it brings a drastic reduction in your encounter with snakes for an extended period.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Snake Trap

Most people ask questions like “can we save money by removing the snakes ourselves?” or “I don’t think I can afford to hire a professional snake exterminator or company. Is there any other way?”. Yes, money can be saved, and there is a cheaper method. This will involve you getting a snake trap and spend on some other modularity, which happens to cost as low as $50 to $100. Doing it yourself would be a cost effective strategy if you are experienced and do not need a lot of preventative measures done but wit the price and the time you would take to research, set the traps, do the repairs to prevent snakes from entering your abode you would end up spending more than if you had hired a professional wildlife exterminator. You may also run the risk of suffering an injury due to mistakes or in cases of venomous snakes, getting bitten which can tend to be deadly. Some people might probably have experience with catching snakes, perhaps a former snake exterminator or someone who used to work in a professional wildlife institution. You could request help from them since they have the knowledge to do it and also know how to put the traps to good use. Take note as well that wildlife removal professionals are licensed in this area, so they know how to set traps, what to do with the animal when caught and how to make sure it doesn’t happen again in the near future.

The Best Option for Snake Removal

Hiring a professional snake exterminator is still the best thing to do when you believe or see in a snake in your yard. A professional snake exterminator is knowledgeable in the State laws on animal removal and understand what needs to be done in different situations. They are equipped with the standard and adequate tools that will aid them to remove the snakes from the premises and do their job effectively. A snake exterminator will, most of the time, be able to detect the snake nest, where they are coming from and to seal off your property from snakes during nesting season

For people who do not know if they have a snake in the house or do not want to run a risk of encountering a snake. There are steps you can take, which does not necessarily need a professional snake exterminator. Some of the steps include:

  • Removal of all debris that surrounds the environment.
  • Frequent maintenance of the garden.
  • Ensuring the gaps in the house are sealed especially beneath doors and decks.
  • The use of glue board trap types which can be implemented and fixed across edges, Since snakes slither across the ground.
  • Disposal of food remnants like meat immediately after eating.
  • Also determining if you have a rodent problem, because this is the go-to food of snakes.

By following these steps above, you can reduce the risk of coming across a snake in the house. However, in any way, if a snake still ends up finding its way into the premises of your home, be sure to call professional snake exterminators near you for it is the safest and most hassle-free method of getting rid of snakes.

Top 10 Rodent Control Services in Los Angeles

So many homes and business places in Los Angeles are faced with the problem of Rodents destroying their foodstuffs bags, eat their foodstuff, food poisoning, damaging relevant documents in offices, and disturbance of peace with their movements. Therefore, a need for rodent control Los Angeles. The following are the top 10rodent controls services in Los Angeles, California.


This company offers one of the best rodent control Los Angeles services in Los Angeles. They provide services for both commercial and domestic purposes. They have a well trained and are licensed for wildlife animal trapping in the State of Californa that helps in carrying out their operations. The company has been in existence for more than 5years and has gotten an endorsement from customers they have worked for before.

HH Wildlife Removal provides services that help in the total eradication of rodents such as mice, rat from residential areas, and public buildings. Their operations not only eradicate them but also make sure these rodents do not come back. Dead animal removal and wild animal removal services are just a few more services that they offer.  Proper sanitation and disinfection of their hideouts are carried out to ensure that the rodents or other wildlife do not return and are free from germs.

This company offers one of the most credible rodent control Los Angeles. The company was established in 1927. Terminix has numerous experts that are certified by the state pest control board. They have excellent customer care support and rapid response in emergency situations.

They carry out a thorough examination of the area. Rodents are eliminated by completely closing up their hideouts, use of mechanical methods, and so on. Terminix offers annual supervision of buildings after an operation to ensure you are totally free from rodents provided you maintain your plan. Properties destroyed by rodents or during treatment are reinstalled.


Orkin is one of the oldest pest control service in Los Angeles; they have been operating for more than 115 years and also specialized in rodent control. They have over 5000+ excellent technicians that are well-trained.

Orkin experts provide you with A-grade rodent treatment. There is a month guarantee in case rodents remain after treatment operations have been carried out. The use of technology and selected tools are used to eradicate rodents. They also enlighten customers on ways to prevent rodent infestation in their homes. They are reliable, and their services are also durable.


This is one of the highly-rated rodent control service companies in Los Angeles. Various exterminator services are offered at Pacific pest control services. They have different specialists that Function in a distinct sector. Craig and Cindy established the company in 2008.

They eliminate rat infestation with various unique methods which, over time, have proved to produce the best of results. They use building materials to seal up the area around the roof to capture rodents. Destruction of rodents habitat, blocking of food, and water source are used to eliminate rodents—disinfection of the rodent-infested regions to prevent disease and restore a healthy environment.


This is a company that provides the finest solutions to pest problems. They organize a well-structured strategy to eradicate rodents in your homes. Some devices are used in capturing rodents, use of certain safe chemicals to sanitize infested areas. They have different payment plans for various pests.

Technicians advise clients on how they can prevent rodent infestations. There are plans offered to schedule visits to customers occasionally to assist in the continuous inspection of areas previously infested by rodents.


Rodent masters is a rodent control company established by two brothers in Los Angeles. They are committed to improving community health services through efficient control of rodents in homes and business places. They have large numbers of experienced and friendly technicians.

The use of biological methods, such as the setting of traps at strategic and safe places, is essential to capture and kill them. The use of techniques to disinfect areas where rats have infested is also important. They implement the use of rat-proof applied to be able to locate rats hideout.

They can be contacted via their websites, social media outlets, and helpline. The company provides rapid responses, and they are reliable to deliver the best results. Their services are made healthy for families and pets.


This is a pest control company located in Los Angeles that provides treatment to all kinds of pest problems. The company has been operating for more than 30 years and has built a solid reputation amongst customers.

They use the best chemicals and methods to remove rodents from residential and commercial areas. Their operation is eco-friendly and does not cause any mayhem to the environment and inhabitants. Bon pest control has professionals that deliver quality And long-lasting treatments. Services are offered on a monthly and quarterly basis.


Stanley pest control is a company that deals with all species of pests in homes, large commercial areas, and industry. They are ranked as one of the top 10 best rodent control services in Los Angeles. The company has more than 80 experienced technicians that have been licensed by the state board; they have different locations in Los Angeles.

They offer free building inspection for customers and also use some techniques in getting rid of these rodents like other pest control companies. The use of baits and traps are part of the methods they use in reducing the population of rodents. The company has been operating entirely since the year 1945.


This company is specified in trapping wild animals such as rats, raccoons that are found in homes and offices. These animals can destroy valuable properties. However, services rendered ensures that your home and property are safe from these animals. All city animal trapping company has been in existence for more than 20 years.

They have experienced and well knowledgeable workers that deliver optimal services and guarantee satisfaction. Their services entail removals Of dead decay animals, placing traps, and elimination of rodents and wild animals.

Their services are affordable for everyone; traps are placed in a strategic and very safe place to avoid hurting humans and their pets. Quality services are assured, and they have proved to provide one of the best Los Angeles rodents control services. Websites provide contact info and blog to enlighten people on necessary steps on wild animal Removal and prevention.


Ronin is a pest control company with very high standards that are located in Los Angeles and wholly-owned by a family.

The company provides efficient, satisfactory, fast, and affordable services. They boast of well trained and fully licensed experts too. They enroll their workers in different training to ensure they are well knowledgeable of some technology, method used in reducing the pest population.

The company provides a free assessment of the building; emergency responses are also available. Their one-time operations are effective. The monthly bouquets allow long term treatment of rodents to ensure that they do not return.


These service providers in rodent control Los Angeles are the best you can get around. There assure customers of guaranteed services that worth every dime. Well-trained professionals use the most excellent methods and technology to eradicate rodents and reinstate healthy and enabling environment.